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About Stephanie:

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Stephanie Herrera is an Entertainment Specialist: Comedian, Singer, Writer, Booking Agent, Producer, Acting Coach, Director, Key Note Speaker, Corporate Trainer, TV Host, Stage/Screen/ & Voice Actor.

She is a Comedy Award and Latin American Achievement Award nominee and has a nice collection of trophies for her work in business and the arts. A graduate of York University, with a Honors Double Major in Theatre and Humanities, she continued her schooling at the Second City Conservatory program and join the cast of Second City’s “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” show and on the main stage of Theatre Sports Toronto.  She is the founder of the Durham Improv & Acting Studio (Ontario, Canada) which she turned into a Not-for-profit in 2016 in order to create free/subsidized community programs with a focus on adults with special needs through Community Living and for the families at local abuse shelters.



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She hosted and was the Community Producer on several show on Rogers TV including her own talk show: Stephanie’s Comedy Chat.  Stephanie was the Director of Improv and Interaction at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (www.parenfaire.com), she designed the improv classes at Durham and Fleming Colleges, and she continues to specialize in corporate training (past clients include various government offices, Durham and Scugog Municipal offices, Durham Region Police, Durham College Board of Directors, Fleming College faculty, IMPAC, MClean & Company, Keller Williams Energy,  and Expedia Travel). She has hosted dozens of gala fundraisers and city events, and has been a keynote speaker throughout Canada and the United States.


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She regularly blogs and writes articles for Local Biz Magazine, ACT magazine, and Stage 32, as well as has her own blog: “God is Dead” And other Fun Facts!  Her book The Ten Commandments of Improvising will be released spring 2017, revealing the secrets of thinking spontaneously.

She has been fortunate to be a recipient of multiple grants through the Ontario Arts Council which has allowed her to teach thousands of students and adults with special needs.

Her one woman show “Am I pretty now?”: A musical romp through plastic surgery, premiered in Port Hope and New York city at SOLOCOM in November 2016 and will be at the Toronto Fringe 2017.

She sits on the Board of the Durham Region Film Festival and is the Director of Industry Operations for the Future of Film Showcase.


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